Superintendent’s Summer Academic Challenge to Begin May 31

DELAND – The Superintendent’s Summer Academic Challenge is returning this summer, beginning May 31 and ending August 13. Elementary students can register to take the literacy challenge, the math challenge or both. Middle school students can register for the literacy challenge and the secondary math challenge, and high school students have the option to register for the secondary math and the SAT Challenge. The winner of each category will receive an iPad. 

Volusia County Schools has aligned its literacy challenge to the State of Florida's Summer Literacy Adventure. Once registered for ours, students will be directly linked to the State of Florida's website to complete the registration process. After registering, students will pledge the number of books they will read throughout the summer. They will then be given access to a reading log that allows them to document what they have read. At the end of the summer, participants who completed the log will be entered to win an iPad.

Students who register for the math challenge will be given access to one of two math programs (IXL or Mathspace). They simply log on throughout the summer to complete mathematical challenges to demonstrate mastery of concepts. Students who master the most skills at elementary, middle and high school will win an iPad.

The SAT Challenge is for high school students and will use Kahn Academy lessons in both math and English language arts (ELA) to help ready students for taking the SAT. The student who masters the most skills will win an iPad.

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